Charity in Congresbury This document was written by Gill Bedingfield and edited by Geoff Pearson and Chris Short. The editors have attempted to keep to Gill’s original text wherever possible. Click here to download as pdf
St Andrew’s Church, Congresbury. A Celebration of 800 Years Please click below to link to the relevant sections. Introduction Part 1 A Brief History Part 2 A Tour Around St Andrew's Church Part 3 The Churchyard Part 4 The Refectory, Vicarage, Orchard & Paddock Part 5 Sources Brief guide to St Andrew’s, Congresbury Guide
1911 Census & Electoral Register by Richard Baker Please click below to link to the relevant sections. Introduction Commentary 1911 Census Congresbury residents (listed alphabetically) Congresbury residents (by age, marriage, birthplace) Occupations Family structure of working wives Congresbury WW1 Casualties by Richard Baker WW1 Casualties New version with additional information on: Sub Lt. Colson, Corporal Kingcott, Private Bishop. Lt. Garsia and Major Staveley. Congresbury Parish Survey. We are very grateful to Dick Broomhead for allowing us to publish his survey and to Vince Russett for making it possible. Foreward Survey 16th Century Surveys. We are very grateful to Vince Russett for transcribing these documents
1596 Survey 1596 survey
1598 Survey 1598 Survey
Station Road by Arthur Westcott Station Road