Charity in Congresbury This document was written by Gill Bedingfield and edited by Geoff Pearson and Chris Short. The editors have attempted to keep to Gill’s original text wherever possible. Click here to download as pdf
St Andrew’s Church, Congresbury - A Celebration of 800 Years My book, celebrating 800 years since St Andrew’s church was consecrated, was published on the 7th March 2015 and very quickly sold out. There was only money available to print 250 copies. My aim from the first was to make a version of the book available on a web site, so that those visiting or interested in the church could download and view extracts. Chris Short Please click below to link to the relevant sections.                 Introduction     Part 1   A Brief History   Part 2    A   Tour Around St Andrew's Church   Part 3   The Churchyard   Part 4  The Refectory, Vicarage, Orchard & Paddock   Part 5   Sources
1911 Census by Richard Baker Please click below to link to the relevant sections.  Introduction           1911 Census Congresbury residents (listed alphabetically) Congresbury residents (by age)      Occupations       Servants Servants and their employers      Summary
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 Congresbury Parish Survey. We are very grateful to Dick Broomhead for allowing us to publish his survey and to Vince Russett for making it possible.  Foreword Survey 
1567 Survey Above the Yoo            Brensye                 Copyholds by indenture      Land                          Lawrance Wyke             Middletowne   The Marshe             Thinges belonging to from 1567 survey     Venny Streate                   Woods from 1567 survey
16th Century Surveys We are very grateful to Vince Russett for transcribing these documents